A Story of Safeguarding

A Story of Safeguarding

When the community pool in Ozark opened in 2018, it was more than a place where families could go to have fun. It served as an example of what can happen when a community comes together for good.

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In 1989, a promising young Ozark High School athlete drowned. From that point on, Mayor Bob Bunting was determined to build a community pool where children could learn to swim. When he was elected mayor again in 2016, he got his chance to make this dream a reality. Unfortunately, it became clear that additional resources were needed to train deep-water lifeguards to keep the pool safe.

“We found there are a lot of shallow-water lifeguards out there, but we’ve had to find and train deep-water lifeguards.”

Bob Bunting
Ozark, Alabama

Thanks to a grant from the Alabama Power Foundation, the community was able not only to hire lifeguards but also to develop water safety training programs and equip the lifeguards with necessary training and equipment.

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