A Story of Learning

A Story of Learning

The Literacy Council of Central Alabama is opening up a world of possibilities through its literacy programs and classes – all to improve the lives of adults and their families.

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Most of us take the ability to read for granted. But for many Alabamians – some 92,000 of them – being able to read seems like an unreachable dream. That’s where The Literacy Council comes in. With adult literacy, family literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes, The Literacy Council is helping make that unreachable dream come true.

“The Literacy Council’s mission is simple: Improve the lives of adults and their families by teaching them to read, write and speak English.”

Katrina Watson

president and executive director of

The Literacy Council of Central Alabama

With the help of the Alabama Power Foundation, The Literacy Council is using data management software to document the folks being helped by their efforts. And by measuring the outcomes of their work, The Literacy Council is able to continue to improve these invaluable programs that give Alabamians the treasured gift of being able to read.

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