A Story of Guidance

A Story of Guidance

By volunteering in the communities where they live and once worked, the Alabama Power Energizers are continuing to redefine what it means to be retired.

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What does retirement look like? For some folks it might mean sitting with their feet in the sand on a beach. For others, it might be spending time on that fishing boat they’ve neglected for many years.

For James Glover, it meant going back to middle school. About once a week, the retired Alabama Power lineman visits Anniston City Schools to mentor students.

“In me, I hope they get to see an example of where a solid work ethic can get you.”

James Glover
Energizer, Anniston Chapter

Glover is an Energizer. And for Energizers, retirement is much more than taking it easy. It’s about giving back.

Energizers are a group of Alabama Power retirees and their spouses who continue serving their communities well after retirement. The Energizers are a legitimate force of nature. With 1,500-plus members in 11 chapters around the state, they volunteered more than 50,000 hours last year alone.

They have done everything from hosting fundraisers to yard cleaning to mentoring children in local schools like Glover does. And this is just scratching the surface. Energizers are involved in service projects all over Alabama. They’re about reconnecting, enjoying their gatherings together and, beyond all else, spreading the good.

Doing Good Across Alabama

With 11 chapters across the state, Energizers continue to be a source of good in their communities.





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