A Letter From Myla

Partners and Friends,

I am thrilled to share our 2018 Annual Report with you to celebrate and highlight the people and organizations working to elevate Alabama.

This collection is much more than the sum of its remarkable stories – it is a testament of what makes our communities stronger every day: the people. On these pages you will meet people like Tuscaloosa Police Officer Lillie Leatherwood, who is keeping kids off the streets by creating a place where they can go after school to learn and play. And Andrea Oliver, a volunteer at the Literacy Council of Central Alabama who is opening up new worlds for her students who, as adults, are learning to read for the first time. People like Lillie, Andrea and so many others make meaningful differences across our state. Through their inspired work and belief in a greater good, communities are being transformed in powerful ways.

And just like the stories highlighted in this report, what we do at the Alabama Power Foundation is all about people. We are inspired by your good work and we are honored to walk alongside you as friends.

This year, we will celebrate our 30th anniversary of spreading good across the state. In these three decades, there is one thing we have found to be true: Alabama is filled with people like you who are dedicated to making our communities grow and thrive.

Thank you for your commitment to building a better Alabama. We look forward to seeing what we can build in the year to come and celebrating another year of doing good, together.

President, Alabama Power Foundation

A Guide to the Good

We are proud to share with you our stories from the field. These are the accounts of the people and organizations who do good in our state.
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